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tibetan antique carpet
tibetan antique carpet

1.37 X 0.7 m ( 54 in.X 28 in.)
Paraphrasing of the Dermatoglyphic Pattern:
Flower leaves dermatoglyphic pattern
Bunch flowers dermatoglyphic pattern
卐“Wan”dermatoglyphic pattern


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Antique carpet / rugs including: Xinjiang antique carpet (Sinkiang Khotan Shamerhan antique rugs), Inner Mongolia antique carpet (Baotou & Suiyuan antique rugs), Tibet antique carpet (Tibetan tsukdruk Wangden antique rugs), Ninghsia antique carpet (Ningxia antique rugs), Beijing antique carpet (Peking antique rugs), Semi-antique carpet and Modern carpet silk carpet.

China Antique Carpet Collection