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Today, when we review the antique carpet with hundred years history,we can also find they are still beautiful and able to affect a viewer's emotions.
Bring infinite hanppiness and enjoyment to the viewer's spirit
The patterns of China antique rug are subtle and beautiful,the colors are elegant and harmonious,charm of China culture.




C.A.C.C.  China Antique Carpet Collection, It has a long term history and a worldwide reputation for sourcing century-old carpets and tapestries from all over China . Our antique rugs and carpets include : Xinjiang antique rugs (Sinkiang Khotan Shamerhan antique carpets ), Inner Mongolia antique rugs (Baotou & Suiyuan antique carpets ), Tibet antique rugs (Tibetan tsukdruk Wangden antique carpets ), Ninghsia antique rugs (Ningxia antique carpets ), Beijing antique rugs (Peking antique carpets ), Semi-antique carpets and Modern carpet silk carpets.

We have been dealing in Chinese antique/semi-antique carpets for many years and can say that we have many satisfied customers and friends. Our main collections of antique carpets are hand crafted with a natural vegetable dyeing technique which makes them so spectacular that the artistic patterns of carpets appear fresh and vivid even though they were made a long time ago .

Chinese ancient carpets have strong traditional , indigenous and regional characteristics. From rare and precious Ninghsia carpets, to the free and wild froms of Tibetian carpets and the traditional characters and syles associated with 17th to 20th century Mongolia works provides each of these hand crafted works of art with their own style and personality .

We pride ourselves with being able to provide good honest advice to our customers at fair and resonable prices.

We also offer carpet restoration and washing services and consultation services.

We also supply semi-antique carpets which range from 20-60 years in age .

















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Antique carpet / rugs including: Xinjiang antique carpet (Sinkiang Khotan Shamerhan antique rugs), Inner Mongolia antique carpet (Baotou & Suiyuan antique rugs), Tibet antique carpet (Tibetan tsukdruk Wangden antique rugs), Ninghsia antique carpet (Ningxia antique rugs), Beijing antique carpet (Peking antique rugs), Semi-antique carpet and Modern carpet silk carpet.

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