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Beijing Antique Rug B0195Beijing Antique carpet A.D.1153,Beijing became capital of Jin Dynasty. The workmanship of carpet was come from Xinjiang.
The patter of Beijing accepted all the cultures of Han nation and also accepted other cultures of minorities to promote the solidarity of multi nations.
The carpet-maker drawer drew a new format patter on the basis of Ninghsia carpet pattern called Beijing carpet. This kind of pattern included group flowers as center with surrounding corders and edgings. The vien symbolized lucky meanings, the structure of it was strict and the color was harmonious with imperial court stlye.

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新疆古董地毯 X0115新疆古董地毯图录
又称和田古董地毯, 古时也叫喀什葛尔Kachgar.
在新疆地区,民间使用地毯非常普遍, 把毯子围在墙上可以御寒, 防潮, 也可以装饰房间, 铺在炕上可以盘腿而作.
由于地理位置的原因, 新疆是东西方贸易通道上的重要地区, 受到中原和西亚, 欧洲文化的影响, 还有来自印度的佛教题材,16世纪后伊斯兰教得到普及, 图案以穆斯林的新月和神灯以及花草纹和几何图案为主, 也又来自中原的博古纹和花草纹图案.
颜色以紫红色, 宝石蓝, 和羊毛本色为主色调. 配以蓝, 绿, 黄, 白等颜色.


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Xinjiang Antique Rug X0129Xinjiang antique carpet Gallery They are also called Hotan carpets, they were also called Kachgar carpet in ancient times.
In Xinjiang the carpets were popularly used among the people. They like to hang the carpets on the wall to resist cold and moisture and the carpets are also decoration. They also use the carpets on the bed and sit on the carpets. Xinjiang in the history was the strategic passage of tradint between east and west. Influenced by cultures of Zhongyuan area, Western Asia and Europe, also have some pattern from India Buddhism. After the 16th century Islam became the exclusive religion in Xinjiang. The pattern of Muslim including new moon veins, Muslim light patterns. Flowers and geometry. There were some pattern come from Zhongyuan such as Bogu veins and flowers. The color of Xinjiang antique carpet purple, red, blue diamond and wool white, etc. combined with blue, green, yellow, white.

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