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Beijing Antique RugA.D.1153,Beijing became capital of Jin Dynasty. The workmanship of carpet was come from Xinjiang.
The patter of Beijing accepted all the cultures of Han nation and also accepted other cultures of minorities to promote the solidarity of multi nations.
The carpet-maker drawer drew a new format patter on the basis of Ninghsia carpet pattern called Beijing carpet. This kind of pattern included group flowers as center with surrounding corders and edgings. The vien symbolized lucky meanings, the structure of it was strict and the color was harmonious with imperial court stlye.

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西藏古董地毯 T0338西藏古董地毯图录
民族特色浓郁. 织法独特,工艺精湛. 雪域高原封闭的自然环境, 西藏人虔诚的宗教信仰, 游牧民族特有的粗犷性格, 使得西藏古董地毯独树一帜, 别具特色.
西藏古董地毯的发展从”溜” 到”尺不戒” 到”汪丹仲丝” 再到江孜地毯, 15世纪中期在江孜生产了一种叫做”卡垫” 的地毯. 西藏自古不产棉花, 早起藏毯为
毛经, 毛纬. 1904年, 亚东和江孜开为口岸后, 国外的棉花逐渐进入西藏. 西藏人发明了”穿杆结扣法”确定了西藏古董地毯栽绒长和绒头粗的特点. 西藏古董地毯配色象图案一样粗犷, 大气而且鲜艳, 西藏古董地毯受到了中原文化的影响, 中原丝绣织物的花纹经放大后移植到地毯上, 被称为””嘎雪巴式”, 西藏古董地毯还有传达佛教信息的功能, 图案有: 龙纹, 佛人, 八吉祥, 金刚杵, 万字等.


西藏古董地毯23 (T0516---T0535)

西藏古董地毯22 (T0472---T0499)

西藏古董地毯21 (T0327---T0440)


Tibet Antique Rug T0323Tibet Antique carpet Gallery
The early Tibetan carpet was mainly the knitting one with wool warps and wefts. Later the hair inserting technique was used; in particular Tibet introduced the cotton technique from India in 1904 and began employ cotton in carpet. This made Tibetan carpet light and thin, and rich in patterns. As Tibetan believe the secretly handed down Buddhism (handed down from Nepal), carpet patterns are commonly of lotus flower and lotus symbolizing the Buddhism. The form-changed flower patterns are in different poses and with different expressions, and in thousands of postures, making numerous collectors to deeply admire. Besides, blackish white, reddish white and bluish white etc. chequers and tiger skin lines carpets are also very rare. Its variety is relatively little, and the purpose commonly as the bed articles, cushion for chanting scriptures, saddle mat etc

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