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Beijing Antique Rug B0195Beijing Antique carpet A.D.1153,Beijing became capital of Jin Dynasty. The workmanship of carpet was come from Xinjiang.
The patter of Beijing accepted all the cultures of Han nation and also accepted other cultures of minorities to promote the solidarity of multi nations.
The carpet-maker drawer drew a new format patter on the basis of Ninghsia carpet pattern called Beijing carpet. This kind of pattern included group flowers as center with surrounding corders and edgings. The vien symbolized lucky meanings, the structure of it was strict and the color was harmonious with imperial court stlye.

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蒙古古董地毯的历史悠久,起源于秦汉时期,发展于金元年代。由蒙古特有的蒙古土种绵羊毛加工编织而成。 蒙古古董地毯的品种很多, 除少量的寺院用毯外, 大部分集中于民间.蒙古人的生活习俗是生产和使用地毯成为他们基本生活的一部分。
蒙古古董地毯图案内容极其丰富, 有博古纹, 八吉祥, 杂宝, 暗八仙, 四君子, 鹤鹿同春, 福禄寿等吉祥图案,也有麒麟送子, 八仙祝寿, 踏雪寻梅等民间传说典故图案. 中国传统文化以图案形式在蒙古地毯上得到了充分的展示,在民间得到了广泛的传播。
蒙古古董地毯主色调为蓝色, 由深蓝, 浅蓝, 白色组成, 统称为”白三蓝”, 或者点缀些红色等其他颜色,形成了三蓝加彩, 另外也有用其他颜色的, 有驼色, 绛红,杏黄等。这些颜色多在寺院用毯中。


蒙古古董地毯 39

蒙古古董地毯 38(I1012---I1015)

蒙古古董地毯 37(I0994---I1011)

蒙古古董地毯 36(I0975---I0993)

蒙古古董地毯 35(I0955---I0974)

蒙古古董地毯 34 (I0933---I0954)

蒙古古董地毯 33(I0915---I0932)


蒙古古董地毯 31(I0857---I0894)

蒙古古董地毯 30 (I0320---I0856)


Inner Mongolia Antique Rug I0846Mongolia antique carpet Gallery
Mongolia antique carpet has a long history, the variety of Mongolia antique carpet was more. Except less carpets were used by the temples, the majority of carpets were used among the people.
The pattern of Mongolia antique carpet were very rich including Bogu veins, various Treasures, Eight Lucky Things, Anbaxian Celestial Beings, Four men of honor, Crane and Deer in spring together and Happiness, Luck and Longevity veins, etc. There were also some folk legends veins including Kylin sending the son pattern, eight celestial beings congratulated on the birthday, looking for plum blossom in the snow patterns, etc.
The main color of Mongolia antique carpet was blue consisted of dark blue, light blue and white called “white and three white” or put some red and other colors on the “white and three blue” pattern to form “three blue with colors. Some Mongolia antique carpet were dyed with other color, such as camel color, deep red, apricot yellow, etc

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Inner-Mongolia antique rug 39

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 38(I1012---I1015)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 37(I0994---I1011)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 36(I0975---I0993)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 35(I0955---I0974)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 34(I0933---I0954)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 33(I0915---I0932)

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 32

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 31

Inner-Mongolia antique rug 30(I0320---I0856)






























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