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antique ningxia carpets
antique ningxia carpets

S/N: N0053
circa:late 19thC
2.24 X 0.71 m (88in.X 28in.)
Paraphrasing of the Dermatoglyphic Pattern:
Various flower heads and dermatoglyphic pattern
“Yin” and “yang”

Ningxia rug, hand knotted wool, China, late 19thC, a very dualistic rug with thress large chrysanthemums with the yin and yang symbol at the center of each flower, a Vajra is the focal point of the rug, several shades of rose and blue, yellow, khaki, and ivory, generally good condition with good pile, ends professionally rewoven, The chrysanthemum is considered a joyous symbol, the yellow chrysanthemum is called "Heaven full of stars".


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China Antique Carpet Collection
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