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The secret of Ningxia antique carpet

Enter into Ninghsia antique carpet!●As the one of the best carpet in the world, ningxia antique carpets are called “the king of China antique carpets”


Enter into Ninghsia antique carpet! ●nobility---Ningxia antique carpet could be divided into two parts. one was the carpets for temple and the other was for tribute for the royal family. This is unique in China antique carpet. The pattern of temple carpets were Buddhism veins, such as propitious cloud veins, warrior attendant’s stick vein, wan vein, eight treasures veins, Buddhism pearl veins,Fu-dog veins etc.. The temple carpets included Banner rugs, Hanging rug, Buddhist carpet/Prayer carpet, Curtain carpet and pillar carpet etc. Ningxia antique carpet as tribute for the royal family was used for celebration, congratulations on birthday and happy occasion, so the patterns contents focused on lucky flowers, lucky grass and “Anbaxian” celestial beings veins, etc., Such as colorful butterflies symbolizing longevity, Anbaxian celestial beings symbolizing outstanding talent and group flower symbolizing happiness and reunion.
The early Ningxia carpe was often decorated with brocade patterns background, which the various regular patterns covered the whole surface of the carpet and these brocade patterns included words brocade, Hui veins brocade, flowers leaves brocade, tortoise back brocade, etc.
The reason why the large quantity of yellow was used on Ningxia antique carpet was that the carpets were used by imperial court and temples. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the color was limited to used strictly Yellow was used for imperial court specially and red was only used for nobleman. In Tibet Buddhism, the strongest “Huang Buddhism” used yellow, the hat on Lama’s head was yellow, the top of the temple was yellow and decoration inside temple was also yellow, wherein including carpets used in temple.

Enter into Ninghsia antique carpet!●the best wool---in Ming and Qing Dynasties period of China, the aboriginal sheep lived Alxa plateau located in northwest of Henlan mountain produced best wool for carpet knotting with highly lustrous, large diameter, wavy wools. Ningxia city Yin Chuan is isolated by one mountain with Alxa plateau was the strategic passage form northwest to Zhongyuan area and it was also the center of carpet trading. The wool of Alxa was called Ningxia wool and the carpet knotted with this kind of wool was called Ningxia carpet. The Ningxia antique carpets were made with high quality Ningxia wool containing rich downy contents. This kind of carpet was soft with comfortable feel to be honored “downy carpet”.

Enter into Ninghsia antique carpet!●unique technics---the color of Ningxia antique carpets were special including mainly turmeric yellow, indigo blue and saffron red, etc. and these colors were dyed with plant dyestuff.
Ningxia antique carpet were wool carpets with knots. The tufted fabric knot was “∞” shape. This is unique technics of Ningxia carpet. Only the craftsman with high level accomplishment and creative power could be allowed to weaved Ningxia antique carpets.

●“Ningxia” antique carpet
There are a few ningxia antiques carpet now, in good condition’s carpet is very rare. Some “Ningxia” antique carpets were made in zuoqi area (Inner-Mongolia).

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The ningxia antique carpet with the good authority of us have been recognized by authority of China.

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