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Carpet Washing Rules:

●Do not Panic! ... Happens!, but be fast.
Do not wait till the last guest has left the house and then start cleaning your rug or carpet! " Your carpet is your investment!"

● Time is an essence! Be Quick!
The majority of stain can be removed out of your rug or carpet right after things happen. So be Quick!

●Do not! Do not use machine and chemical scour and alkali, acid bleaching powder etc. to wash carpet, though washing cost is knocking down, but this badly damage the wool and the color, so as the decrease the carpet life.

●Grab White Paper Towel or White Towel.
Do not use a colored Paper Towel or napkin to remove a liquid stain! Sometimes the color passes through the towel to your carpet!

●If you have a spoon use it to scoop off the liquid out of carpet.
If there is a lot of liquid or semi-solid(Jell-O,...) stuff use a spoon and try to remove as much as possible but do not press down on the carpet!

●Never scrub or brush any stain out of your carpet.

●Professional cleaning:
We wash carpet with hand use professional natural solution to kill the bacilli and brighten the carpet, this would protect the carpet and increase using life and not damage the wool.

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