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The knowledge of China antique carpet

Even we have the high lever science and technology now, it is impossibility to weave better carpet than antique carpet.

●Only carpet with at least 100 years could be named antique carpet. The carpet with less 100 years called old carpet.
China carpet has 2200 years history. In late period of 19th century, Chinese carpet reached its full maturity. After this period, the machine and chemical dye enter into China, the China carpet went through huge variance, give up her carpet tradition style.

●Wool: the wool was the main raw materials, the texture, feeling and life of carpet depend on it. China antique carpet use origin wool without reformative, the springy fibre is long with high density and highly lustrous. Carpet with this kind of wool can last a lifetime. These carpet be washed and still keep their shape and color, and will still give you pleasure for more tan 100 years to come. Some species of sheep have become extinct because they could not adapt to a environment pollution. It is difficult look for the good quality wool. None of wool of today can equal them.

●Hand spun yarn: The wool was carded and spun by hand, it would not hurt the wool fiber, making a yarn with a characteristic nubby texture, hand spun yarn can increase carpet’s life.

●Nature dye: this is the charm of China antique carpet. During 100 years use and after solarization, washing, stepping and grinding, the color is still bright. This is because nature dye of China antique carpet. Nature dyestuff include plant dyestuff and Mineral dyestuff. Plant dyestuff originated from natural flowers grass and roots after boil and squeeze.
Such as: Cape jasmine—containing xanthein; indigo glass—containing blue pigment; Saffron—containing haematochrome. There are many kinds of mineral dyestuffs such as vermilion, red soid

●Fine workmanship:it is a different with modern carpet worker, the craftsman of antique carpets could weave the carpet depend on their high level accomplishment and creative power not that help of blueprint.

●The culture and history value of antique carpet
At beginning of the 20th century, British Aurel Stein found tufted wool carpet relic with knots made by the Western Han Dynasty in Han Tomb of Lop Nur of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regin. This is the earliest unearthed tufted carpet in the world up the now.[the Western Regions Archeology] There are some China antique carpet preserved in permanent collections by some famous museums and science institutes and have been studied in major. In the famous Auction such as the Sotheby’s and Christie's, China antique carpets often appear, more people like them very much. Because the die out of China antique carpet’s materials and technics, the quantity of China antique carpet are rare, their value is increasing now.

● It is top grade wool is better than antique carpet wool?
No, it is not. Everywhere of earth including the Everest and South Pole have been polluted. In this entironment, the wool quality is worse than antique wool.

● traditional dye ≠ natural dye
Now some carpet named traditional dye, in fact, it is dyed by hand in a traditional vat process. Today, most of these plants are used as medicinal material; may of the minerals today are used as special painting color. Such as Saffron, its output is very low, 8.5kg/ hectare. The price of saffron is computation according to gram. The price of top grade saffron is usd 1000—2000/kg [CBG]. If we dye wool by saffron, the value of carpet should be a very prodigious price.

● what is the different between antique carpet and old carpet?
After the late period of 19th century, the machine and chemical dyestuffs have been enter into China, high product rate and low cost, the excellences of antique carpet have been died out. So the value of old carpet have large different with antique carpet. Now in the antique market, most of them are old carpet. The antique carpet is rare.

● Which kind of antique carpet is the best?
China antique carpet including: Ningxia, Tibet, Beijing, Mongolia and Xinjiang. Ningxia antique carpet has used in temple and royal court. Most of other kind of carpet has been used in civilian. Ningxia antique carpet is the best antique carpet not only in China, but also in the world.

● the price of our china antique carpet
On the assumption that we could search the technics which have died out, use the top grade wool and copy the same quality with antique carpet, their cost should be very higher than the price of antique carpet.
Because we are the origin of China antique carpet, our price are typically around half or less of the cost of the same carpet in the US. Europe or Japan.


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